Bearizona - What a Great Place to Visit with the Family!

July 12, 2021

Bearizona is such an amazing place to visit! Took my family and was surprised at all they had to offer. We started our adventure by driving through the first portion of the park. My kids got to see bears, wolves and other animals walking right by our car! I had never seen some of these animals in my lifetime let alone having them walk right by my car, it was really neat! 

Once you drive through the first portion you get to another area where you can park and get out (you can visit either portion first, it's up to you). They had an area when we first walked in that had music, refreshments, and a park worker doing a live demonstration with all sorts of birds. It was amazing to see her fly birds right above you, some even walked right up to you! 

We then continued our journey and found bears, otters, bobcats and more. My kids loved the otters, they were playing with each other and wrestling in the water. The bears were taking a leisurely nap by a waterfall.

We went into the gift shop where we were greeted by more animals! There were birds flying around and a small fox walking above us on a platform with a worker nearby guiding all the animals. We then checked out the cafe, the inside of it was beautiful! It looked like we were inside of a mountain. They offer outdoor seating and inside seating as well. The food options are really yummy and they offer meals that are kid friendly. 

Once we were done checking out the cafe we walked out to where the Jaguars were at. Such an incredible exhibit! My kids got to see a jaguar close up, and they loved it! 

We really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to go again next year. This is something you can do in one day then drive back into the valley. We chose to stay and check out other attractions as well, so we made it a weekend trip but it is doable in one day as well. Overall I would definitely recommend checking out Bearizona, my family really enjoyed our visit, we will be back! 

Bearizona Wildlife Park

1500 E. Route 66
Williams, AZ 86046
(928) 635-2289 

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